Chrysanthemums, Various Colours

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These beautiful fall flowering plants produce dense, colourful blooms in a pleasing dome of compact foliage. The perfect addition to any patio or deck to give it that cozy autumn atmosphere. Available in a variety of colours. Note that individual shades may vary from the photos.

**Each planter of chrysanthemums is $7.50. Please see our other sale options in the catalog for tri-colour planters, or our special group bundle sale of 3 planters for $20. If you buy 3 planters under this option, the bundle sale will not apply.


Full sun. They can tolerate some partial shade, but they will need at least 6 hours per day of direct sun to ensure the best blooms.

Flowering Season

They will continue to flower until the first frost. Occasional fertilizing is encouraged for best flowering results.

Mature Size

60 cm tall

60 cm wide