4" Silver Sparkles Pilea

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Pilea glauca also Pilea libanensis

Also known as Baby Tears, Grey Artillery Plant


A trailing plant with cascading grey mini-leaves that appears sprinkled with silver dust on long red-hued stems. Use in terrariums as a ground cover or in a pot or hanging basket to trail. Versatile as it grows well indoors in low light conditions. 

How to Care 

Bright, indirect sun for compact growth. Can grow well in low light but becomes leggy. 

Well-draining soil, but do not let it dry out. The small leave will dry out and fall off. Let the top inch of soil dry down (but not out) between waterings. It does not like to sit in water. Can be a bit finicky but well worth your time to figure out what it likes. Avoid dry airspaces (close to a heat source) as the leaves may dry out and fall off. Likes humidity. 

Do not over-fertilize, use fertilizer sparingly, once a month with a balanced fertilizer. 

Flowers are clusters of small peach blossoms along their stem. 

Prune to remove dead or damaged leaves or maintain plant size and shape. 

Disease problems arise from overwatering.

Non-toxic to humans and animals.