4" Cilantro (Coriander)

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Can be used by harvesting the leaves, or by collecting the seeds which are known as coriander. The foliage tends to have more culinary uses and is more popular, but both can be dried and used in many types of dishes. Resembles flat leaf parsley but has a more distinct/stronger flavour.

How To Grow

Prefers full sun. It is easily grown from seed, and it is best to make successive sowings every 3-4 weeks to provide a continues supply of fresh leaves as the plant has a short growing life and easily goes to seed. If you are harvesting the seed, let the flower heads to turn brown, cut them and then store the seed pods in a paper bag, place it in a cool, dry place. Once they are dried out you can roll the pods between your hands to release the seeds, which can be stored in a closed container.