Chinese Hibiscus

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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, also known as Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose mallow, and Shoreblackplant. Additional tricolour cultivar available is 'Red Hot'

A perennial species bred for many cultivars of flower colour and shape. Widely used in gardens and indoor plantings. Unique flower "heart" formed by smaller stamens connected and wrapped around larger ones.

Care Overview
Full sun is ideal for this sun loving plant. Hibiscus can tolerate part shade and is fairly drought tolerant. Ideally, keep soil moist from spring to fall. Less water required in winter, allow to dry out slightly between watering. Enjoys extra humidity, pebble tray with water is a great way to achieve this. Can reach up to 6ft in height.  

Flower Season
Large colourful blooms from mid-summer to early autumn.