1 gal Elderberry

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This lesser known berry bush starts producing a meaningful harvest by it's third year. Both the flowers and berries are edible and have many culinary uses. The blooms are large, white and very fragrant. The berries are a dark, small, shiny and smooth and grow in clusters. They are mildly poisonous when raw, but are tangy and tart once cooked, perfect for pies and jams.


Full sun. Does best in well-drained, slightly acidic soils (5.5-6.5 pH). Planting away from other trees and shrubs may also help discourage predation from birds. It is also thought to be wind pollinated, so adequate air circulation should help with fruit yield, as well as to protect against foliar diseases. To help cross pollinate, make sure to plant at least two separate plants no more than 20 feet from each other.

Flowering Season

Spring and early summer. Berries form in late summer, early fall.

Mature Size

3.5 meters tall

3.5 meters wide